Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spiritual Battle

Satan is very crafty. I think most of us underestimate his power. He and his angels are very much aware of the gravity of the situation we are faced with. He knows these are the last days and this is his final chance to wage a war so fierce that it may take down even some of the strongest. He has orchestrated an evil plan of lies and snares, and he is fighting with all his might. I ask myself the question, are we fighting back with as much strength and fervour? I remember Pres. Eyring's talk from a while ago about the fact that what we are doing and what we have done in the past is no longer enough. We need to do more, we have to raise up to the next level and fight back with all we have. We have to understand the urgency of the times. It's time we go toe to toe with Satan. In the end the good guys will come out victorious, but that is not the real question. Their is no question whether or not this work will go forward, the only question is will you and I be a part of it?