Friday, October 26, 2007

Seven Angels

It is proposed that Elohiem, Jehovah, and The Holy Ghost (whose name has not yet been revealed) make up the presidency of the heavens and for all the Children of God. As pertaining to this world on which we reside there is also a presidency. Also seven Archangels or the seven chief angels of God that have been speculatively identified, along with some of their principal roles. Here is a brief review of the order in which each will sound the trump to open the Millennium. (This is not doctrine, but scriptural logic and speculation)

1. Peter and the Celestial Kingdom. First is the trump to announce those who resurrect to the highest heaven, the celestial kingdom, where God the Father dwells (D&C 88:94-98; 76:50 70). It was proposed that the first angel is Uriel, known in mortality as Peter, whose principal assignment is to preside over those valiant Christians who qualify for that highest heaven.

2. Moses and the Terrestrial Kingdom. The second trump is for the terrestrial kingdom, the second highest heaven, which is prepared for the honorable people of the earth who chose not to accept and live all of the teaching of Jesus Christ. It was proposed that the second angel is Raguel, known as Moses in his mortal probation, who has been like a shepherd to his people both in life and afterward, to prepare them to receive Christ either at his first or second coming.

3. Abel and the Telestial Kingdom. The third trump is for the telestial kingdom, designed for those who rejected the word of God, but who someday will bow the knee to Jesus. After death they suffer torment, and have to remain in hell until after the Millennium (D&C 88:100-101; 76:81-90, 98-112). Those in this kingdom do not enjoy the presence of either God the Father nor Jesus Christ, but are presided over by the Holy Ghost and ministering angels (D&C 88:86-88). It was proposed that the third angel is Sariel, known in life as Abel, and that one of his key roles is to preside over hell, and attempt to help its inhabitants repent and qualify for the highest kingdom possible. Abel was the first martyr and the first to enter the spirit world. In the Greek myths it is Hades who presides over the underworld, so Hades can be identified with Abel. After hell shuts down at the end of the Millennium, presumably Abel will continue to lead his "graduating class" in the telestial kingdom.

4. Enoch and Sons of Perdition. The fourth trump is for those who not only reject Jesus Christ, but also the Holy Spirit after having received it. Even after all of Satan's deceitfulness is exposed during the Millennium and those who mistakenly served Satan repent and turn to Christ, these will still willingly serve Satan by choice (D&C 76:25-38, 43-49). It was proposed that this fourth angel is Raphael, known in life as Enoch. He was translated to heaven (celestial kingdom) with his whole city. When some of those angels fell to the enticing of Satan, even after all that they knew, they became sons of perdition. Thus Enoch presided over a righteous city on earth (Moses 7:19-21), over his followers in the highest heaven, and also over the lowest of the low. But after the final Judgment Day at the end of the Millennium, Enoch's charge over them might end when they are cast out into the lake of fire with Satan (Rev. 20:10-15). Moreover, Enoch was known as "the scribe" and it is proposed that he acted as a secretary to the Presidency of Peter, Moses and Abel. As has been discussed, each of those four members presided over a different level of spirituality, and the areas of heaven and hell where such people reside. But it was proposed that Enoch served a double role, also being secretary to the following presidency.

5. Joseph Smith, Second Counselor. It was proposed that the Prophet Joseph Smith is the fifth angel, Phanuel, and that he functions as a second counselor in a presidency over all of the above individuals, but arranged into different groups. He is the counselor assigned to Zion, being the western hemisphere. He also has the special assignments of ushering in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times, when all of the other six angels returned and gave him their keys and gifts so that the fulness of the Gospel would be restored on earth in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He also has the special assignment of the salvation of mankind, both the living and the dead, in a role similar to Jesus Christ in the First Presidency of Heaven of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. He was even sacrificed as a lamb, as was the Savior.

6. Noah, First Counselor. It was proposed that Noah is the sixth angel, Gabriel, and that he also functions as the first counselor in the First Presidency of the Earth. He is assigned to the eastern hemisphere, where his ark landed after the great flood. He is also assigned to spiritual roles, comparable to the Holy Ghost in the Godhead. He presides over the restoration of the gospel (as Elias/Gabriel, D&C 27:6-7), likely including the pouring out of knowledge and blessings on the heads of the saints (D&C 110:9, 121:33).

7. Adam, President. The scriptures explicitly tell us that the seventh angel is the archangel Michael who will lead the armies of God to overcome Satan in the great war at the end of the Millennium when Satan is finally defeated forever (D&C 88:110-115). Michael was known during mortality as Adam (D&C 27:11), the father of our human family. It was proposed that he presides over all of the earth and all of mankind. Adam's duties almost all pertain to the earth, rather than heaven or hell.


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it looks as if you are a student of john P. Pratt.. this looks really great thanks


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Good dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

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Well I to but I about the collection should secure more info then it has.

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Crazy time.

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Wow... Can't wait for good ol' Joe to be in charge again...

Matt said...

Gosh. Mr Smith has been forgiven for being involved in a gun fight in which he and his brother and some of their opponents in gun fight died?

That's nice. Presumably the person Mr Smith shot has been given the same treatment and is also forgiven?

Anonymous said...

People think that Abel was the Archangel Sarakiel but why would God put another Archangel so close to Michael (Adam) when each Angel is to head a dispensation (1000 years) just because he is the first martyr, the first in the spirit realm and the first to work with those in spirit prison.

Sarakiel is head of helping souls in lower kingdoms (naive sinning gentiles, another Archangel Enoch/Raphael is said to plead on behalf of those becoming sons of perdition) reach the highest degree of Celestial glory. But then it gets better when they say that Micheal will rule a second seal in the Millennium, but we know it will be Christ so Where does Sarakiel earn his place? Well he will be a mortal living up to the time of the Second Coming working with the souls of mortal men literally helping them achieve Celestial glory as the gospel proliferates to save them from naivety and lesser kingdoms. No man can be saved in ignorance but they're not perdition.
So the strong man (one who is strong and mighty) in doctrine that becomes presiding bishop to lead the saints to Zion and gifted to give the allotment to the saints in Zion will actually be Sarakiel the Archangel. (Joseph Smith or Phanuel was in the dark ages millennial seal)

Anonymous said...

I honestly have never heard growing up in a lds family that Joseph Smith used to be an Angel. In fact the only angels we talk about are Michael and grabriel.
The after life from what I heard that the church teaches us is a little confusing to me. Its not said here but from what I heard if you don't get married for time and eternity and don't your odaninsis then you will become an angel, depending on if you lived rightously.

Anonymous said...

I honestly have never heard growing up in a lds family that Joseph Smith used to be an Angel. In fact the only angels we talk about are Michael and grabriel.
The after life from what I heard that the church teaches us is a little confusing to me. Its not said here but from what I heard if you don't get married for time and all eternity and don't get your temple odaninsis then you will become an angel, depending on if you lived rightously.