Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heads and Forerunners

The 7 main Dispensation Heads and Forerunners

1. Adam head, no forerunner?
2. Enoch head, Jared forerunner?
3. Noah head, Methuselah forerunner
4. Abraham head, Melchizedek forerunner
5. Moses head, Jethro forerunner
6. Jesus head, John forerunner
7. Joseph Smith Jr. head, Joseph Smith Sr. forerunner?

These are my best guesses from information I've read on it, and from my reading of the scriptures.

Are these assumptions fairly accurate to you?

How does one define a head?

How does one define a forerunner?

Besides the report to Adam before the second coming at Adam ondi Ahman, what could some of their futures roles be?

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