Sunday, August 31, 2008

11:11 luck

Ok, so I'm sitting at my computer and I take a glance at the time and it says, 11:12pm. Immediately I'm upset because I think it means bad luck for the following day. However if I would have glanced one minute earlier at 11:11, I would have said, "yeah baby, good luck tomorrow!" I know this sounds absolutely crazy and personally I have no idea when or how or why I started doing this. It's been going on for as long as I can remember. As strange as it sounds, I can honestly say that rarely does a day go by when I have not seen one or the other. How can my emotions be so effected by such a ridiculous thing? Yet, somehow I seem tied to it. I know it makes no sense and goes against all my belief system but yet I have this weird suspicion. Other than this I have no other suspicions or good luck charms or any of that nonsense. I guess some of us just seem to find some crazy insignificant thing in our life that goes against our natural thinking and somehow still manage to place emotion into it. I realize I'm not making any sense at all, but I'm baffled by it. Mostly because I really believe it to be true because it's seems to always come true. Now whether it's my mind playing tricks, or totally coincidence, or my expected outlook and attitude is affecting the supposed outcome, I know not. What I do know is, I can't stop doing it and I can't stop letting it effect me. I think I'm insane sometimes. There must be some sort of weird psychological thing behind this.

These are my crazy rules for 11:11 luck:

1.It's based merely on a chance glance at the clock whether standard or digital. You can not purposely wait or plan to see it as it is coming around. It's about luck so it's based on chance only.

2. If I see 11:11 in the evening (pm), by chance only, I assume I will have good luck or a good day the following day. This is the first stage of the chance event. If I see it again the following morning it means extra good luck and great things coming my way.

3. If I happen to see 11:12 in the evening I assume bad luck or a bad day the following day. Then if I see 11:12 again the next morning I feel really worried that it's not going to be a good day.

4. If I see 11:11 at night but 11:12 the next morning I feel my luck maybe changing and I have to watch what I do, as that may affect the outcome from that point on that day.

5. If I see 11:12 at night but 11:11 in the morning I get a sense of relief that by some effort or chance the rest of the day could turn out to be ok after all.

6. If I see 11:10 at any point of the day and choose to wait out the actual switch to 11:11, I feel a sense that some luck may come by some effort on my part but to try hard.

7. If I see 11:12 at any point of the day but scurry to find another clock which still bears 11:11 at that same moment I feel a sense that it may be possible to save myself from some bad luck and turn that day around by personal effort.

8. If I see 11:13 in the evening only I assume luck will play no role and my day will be what I make of it.

I must admit I always feel best when I see 11:11 and it seems to work out. This is the dumbest thing ever, but I do it anyway and let it effect me. I guess we all have something! Don't ask me why I posted this here; I guess I just feel somehow it's connected to my spiritual self. Oh... And it's a cry for help. lol :)


Anonymous said...

"When a man is convinced he's going to die tomorrow, he'll probably find a way to make it happen." I used to think that Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me until I lived through enough of them to realize it's just a day. Although there are things in this universe beyond ourselves and lot's of things that aren't "coincidence" I believe it is our mind that makes luck go one way or the other, even if it's as simple as our mind (subconsciously)convincing us to look at a situation or day in a more negative way because we accidently walked under a ladder or broke a mirror, or that we tend to focus on the negative because we are certain that something bad is bound to happen and vise-versa with good luck. I would suggest as an experiment -the next time you feel you may have bad luck, try to focus only on the good things that happen that day. Perhaps luck is merely perspective of the events of the day...mind you some days can be just down right horrible, but again I attribute it to chance.

Jim said...

I found your blog from a google search for "Orson Whitney General Conference 1929" or something like that. Finding your blog was good luck for me!

By the way, I am trying to find the full text of this talk where he mentions Joseph's teaching about the "divine tentacles" reaching out to save our children. If you know where the full text for this can be found, please e-mail me a j.ashman at

About this post, I agree with the anonymous comment. I don't really believe in "luck" per se. Obviously many chance occurrences happen to us, and some we perceive as negative and others we perceive as positive. I think your habit of glancing at the clock at certain times of day can also be viewed as a type of self-fulfilling prophecy- if the clock is a time you perceive to be lucky, you are in the frame of mind that good things will happen, and you notice them when they do (and vice versa).

I hope I'll find some time to read more on your blog- you have some interesting posts....

Gunner said...

I believe you are looking for this.

I believe the event where Joseph said it was either the king follet discourse or sermon in the grove, but I'm not sure about that, you'll have to review it.

lds library will give you all the conference reports.

Anonymous said...

I hade 3 days in a row of seeing 11:11 pm, the last one being a few hours ago, coincidentally on 11/11! I'm LDS too and found a lot of stuff linking 11:11 to the asencion out on the web, but wanted to see if there was any LDS perspective to it... good luck with your 11:11 ;)

Anonymous said...

I think its god telling you too drop everything your doing and prepare for the apocalypse. i.e. like prepare a food supply. Sorry to brighten your spirit.

Gunner said...

Very funny! It must be a sign or some sort of government control. lol